Friday, July 18, 2008

Joshua gets a new bike

About a month ago we rode our bikes over to a park that's a couple of miles from our house. It just so happens that the park has a BMX track and that there was racing going on while we were at the park. Jason asked Joshua if he would like to give it a try some time, and so it began.

Joshua had outgrown his 12 in. Trek this year, and we went looking for a bike for him on my birthday. He fell in love with this 16 in. Redline, and it was birthday happiness to me to get the bike for him. He got his bike on a Tuesday and went out to the BMX track for a practice ride that Friday.

He wants to ride his bike everywhere. He rode it the other day when I went to visit some ladies from church (it ended up being 5 miles round trip) and then still wanted to go to the BMX track when his Dad got home (another 4 miles round trip - not counting the laps around the track). He fell lots of times that first week getting used to the new bike, but always wanted to get right back on.
Joshua posing with his brand new bike.
Joshua feels that it's important for everyone to know it's a Redline.
His Dad sets him up at the gate.

And a little wobbly, as we hold our breath!

And he makes it through the lap. (Phew!)

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Stu said...

cool bike joshua! i want to visit and ride the bmx track. andrew

Angela said...

I like the new bike... Go Josh! I also like the new blog... Go Christina! Sadly, I think that we may be beating you in # of wheels(2 cars and 5 bikes) and there are only two of us compared to your 5. Yikes!

P.S. Of course we can still be friends!