Sunday, July 27, 2008

Snoqualmie Falls

We headed to Snoqualmie Falls on Saturday with Dad And Ellen. It's a popular destination - they get about 1.5 million visitors a year. It was a beautiful drive up and back - and the falls were amazing. We even got to stop at a road side stand for fresh cherries - I canned some and we also had a cherry cobbler for dessert on Sunday. Yum!
The view from the top (200 M paved walk)
Our walk to the bottom (very steep at parts and about a 1/2 mile). When we were almost to the bottom we saw a parking lot to the right and realized we could have driven down. Jason did the hike up to the car and drove down to pick us up. I think the hike up would have been a little tough for me and my big belly, but mostly I didn't want my dad to have a heart attack on the way up!
View from the bottom.
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Honey said...

How pretty!

Mom said...

You're looking great ! See you soon .Jason J asked after you,I think Mike talked his ear off this morning so I'm not sure he got to work on time .Beautiful spot .Love you ,Mom

Nisa said...

Absolutely lovely photos. I wish we were there. There are some beautiful sights in Washington. Makes me wish we were still in Boise and could drive up and visit. I love waterfalls.

Angela and Aaron said...

What a fun day and the waterfall looks beautiful! I also wouldn't mind trying some of your cherry cobbler.