Friday, August 1, 2008

Delia's Pink Toes

Jason's a little bit scared about how much Delia loves 'girly' things! Delia would much rather come shopping with Grandma and Mom, than to stay behind with Grandpa and Joshua. And Delia also insisted on getting her nails painted with Mom and Grandma yesterday!
Delia's pink toes trying on shoes at Ann Taylor!

Delia's also asking when she can start taking ballet - she's not even 3 yet!
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acte gratuit said...

Tell him not to worry unless it's JOSHUA getting obsessed!

Suzie said...

So cute! Audrey is exactly the same. She loves having her nails painted and is SO excited to start dance class this month.

Nisa said...

Sydney too is sooooo girly! We don't know what to do with your. We'll have to get our girly girls together soon.