Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Attempt at Gardening

We wanted to have a little herb garden for the windowsill in the kitchen. We headed down to Home Depot and bought the potted herbs they had left and a couple of seed packets. There wasn't much to choose from this late in the season. We planted thyme, basil, cilantro, chamomile, and lavender.
The kids had fun planting. It was quite the mess -
probably should have done it outside instead of at the kitchen table!

We're hoping that we are able to have some success.
We have proved our thumbs to not be very green in the past!
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Rebecca said...

Such a great idea Christina. I've been trying to grow a little basil plant in my kitchen's going okay. My aloe vera plant is doing great-for some reason that is the only plant I've always been able to grow without a problem. I got a lavendar plant to plant outside, but I love the idea of having some more herbs in the house. Hope it goes well for you! (and your kitchen looks so cute! how do you like your new place?)