Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Very Own Art Gallery

Inspired by Soulemama, Jason built us these displays for the kids' art. It was a simple project that he let the kids help him with.
The hardest part was finding the right bull dog clips (which we eventually got at Staples, after I bought the wrong ones at Office Max).
The art displays hang right above the kitchen table and
I love them! My husband's the best!
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Honey said...

Pottery Barn Kids sold those a few years back and so I bought a whole bunch of clips with the intention to make some....I never did. They're super cute too. I'm sure your kids love to see their artwork so nicely displayed. Way to go everyone!

Nisa said...

Christina! You Rock!
Keep the great ideas coming! We are definitely going to be making those. We currently have a piece of twine between two posts, but the artwork slides together. And my kids are prolific so we need another set up. Thanks so much. Keep sharing!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE IT!!!! SO beautiful! Okay, that needs to be my next project. I love how you just make things like that happen...I'm so slow to actually accomplish all the things I want done. Thanks for the idea and inspiration!
PS How are you feeling?!?!