Monday, September 8, 2008

Eating a little better this week

As I was reading CJane last week for updates about Stephanie and Christian she shared a link to Food Week (a week in Nie Nie's vegetarian life). I hadn't see the pictures before and I told a friend yesterday that my meals felt a little inadequate after seeing what Stephanie feeds her children. But I think it was the motivation I needed to try and eat a little healthier. Last night we started with this - yum!

While you're visiting the Feed Your Family site check out his newest recipe - did you know you can put whole wheat berries in your regular blender to make pancakes?


Nisa said...

No. Seriously? I'm trying that!
Just tonight I felt a little Nie Nie inspiration. So I changed the family lasagna favorite. We had ground turkey instead of ground beef. We had less turkey and filled the sauce instead with shredded zucchini, bell peppers and tons of mushrooms. Of course they were all finely chopped so that my kids would be completely turned off.
Then I added chopped spinach to the skim cottage cheese.
It is still fat laden and cheesy lasagna. But I feel a little better!
Can't wait to try the pancakes.

Mrs. Cropper said...

Her food week was actually right when I started reading her blog regularly. LOVED it. I don't think we'll ever go pure-vegetarian, but we sure are into eating right. (Taylor totally leads the way.) Don't get me wrong, we make lots of delish sweets around here, but what is super important to us is that our bods get the nutrients they need. And we are totally 100% convinced that kids eat what you feed them. Of course some kids are harder than others. Blaine, in fact, I would classify as somewhat picky. But with persistence I really believe you can help kids eat and love all kinds of food from a young age. OK enough of this totally long rant!

Rebecca said...

Christina, we had this for dinner tonight:

Turned out really well (although the kids weren't huge fans, but Andrew and I liked them!)

I'm working on cooking more vegetarian meals. It's been fun so far!