Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nappy Bag and my Big Belly!

This was the other big project I was making for the baby and the real reason my sister knew I wouldn't mind her auctioning off the diaper bag that she had bought for me. I received this Amy Butler Nappy Bag pattern for my birthday and my sister picked out the fabric for me.
I had trouble keeping the lines straight with the changing pad. It's pretty thick - the top and bottom fabrics and then a couple of layers of batting in the middle.

The pattern calls for more pockets in the bag, but I like the wide open space since the diapers we use tend to be so large!
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Honey said...

Very cute - your belly and the bag!

Sarah said...

I can hardly see your bell. What happened to the wins?! The bag looks great.

Sarah said...

Clearly I meannt belly!

Rebecca said...

I'm SO happy to see a cute picture of your adorable belly! Wish I could see it in person. How are you feeling? I am so jealous of the bag. I want one...hmmm, how can I pull that off without sewing? I might just have to buckle down and figure out patterns. But it will never look as cute as yours. I'm so impressed. The fabric is darling!!