Friday, September 26, 2008

Tiger cats Beware!

We have been reading The Swiss Family Robinson this week. After we read yesterday, Joshua asked if we could make a bow and arrow - I looked online for some ideas and thought it could be a project for Jason and Joshua to do together. Then Joshua told me he had some wood (aka: collected sticks from the playground) down in the garage that we could use. He brought it up and in two minutes we had a bow and arrow he was happy with. He and Delia spent some time yesterday afternoon hunting tiger cats and other wild animals!
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Nisa said...

You get those tiger cats Joshua!!!

danielle said...

Oh my...I am such a dork...somehow I didn't notice that you had switched your blog, and since I had you on my reader, I just assumed you hadn't posted in awhile. Well your belly is just as cute as can be. I can't wait till we get to see this darling babe. Hope you are feeling well!