Friday, October 3, 2008

Mini I Spy Quilt

My sister told me about the website Make and Takes. This website features lots of fun crafts to do with and for kids, as well as an awesome recipe for rosemary peasant bread (think Macaroni Grill bread) that we make about once a week. I decided to make the mini I spy quilt for a Christmas gift.
I have had a couple of different I spy kits sitting with my sewing stuff for the past five years, so I was glad to find something quick and easy that I could use them for.

This quilt was the perfect size for me - it goes together so quickly that I couldn't get bored with it!
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danielle said...

Oh I read that blog too. Cute idea. Did it take you a long time to collect all of those fun fabrics.

Christina said...

I ended up buying the fabric at a quilting show. It was in pre-cut squares, in an assortment of different patterns intended for an I spy quilt. My sister gave me one, as well. So I actually had two I spy kits to choose from!

Let the party begin... said...

I love the quilt! I started a quilt for my mother a few years ago and I got as far as the entire front of the quilt and it's still waiting to be finished.