Thursday, November 13, 2008

Airplane Making

Joshua loves for his dad to make him paper airplanes, so when I was at Goodwill the other week I picked up a book on airplane making, called The Complete Airplane Book. It's available, but don't buy it! Jason was excited when he saw it, he said he had that same book when he was a little kid, but it wasn't the good one.

Then his parents came last weekend and brought a bunch of his books from when he was younger, including both of the books on airplane construction (we're not positive they don't belong to one of his brothers - but we're not giving them up!). The better book is called The Best Paper Aircraft and there are used copies available through Amazon and it's totally worth the penny they are charging. I've never seen planes fly like these!

And a Happy Birthday Shout Out to my brother, Jason!

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Let the party begin... said...

I hope you plan on showing us some samples, lol!