Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Recap

Delia decided to be a Princess
Joshua wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, mainly because he was excited about the nunchuks (which his dad crafted out of toilet paper rolls), too bad they went missing between the church party last week and the trick-or-treating yesterday!

And we didn't dress up our baby, but here's a picture anyway!
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Linz said...

Happy Halloween! I love the Ninja Turtle costume! so cute!

Suzie said...

Is it just me or do Delia and Eliza have the exact same looks on their faces in these pictures? Very cute costumes, and kids!

Honey said...

I think Eliza looks just like you, Christina! So cute. Love the costumes - you guys look great!

Rebecca said...

The kids are all looking so cute and so much older! Delia looks so gorgeous in this picture.

Angela and Aaron said...

I love the costumes! Princesses and Ninja turtles are two of my favorite things!