Monday, January 12, 2009

Finding Sunshine

We headed to Medford this past weekend to celebrate with Roger and enjoy a little sunshine!
We were going to head most of the way down on Thursday night after work, but there was massive flooding and a 20 mile section of I-5 was closed. The freeway was supposed to be closed most of the weekend, so we thought that was that. Jason went to return the rental car on Friday morning and heard that they were about to re-open the freeway, so he turned around to see if I still wanted to try and make it. We quickly packed up the car and we were on our way.

It probably seems a little crazy to drive two full days, to spend one full day there - but we are so glad we went! It was great to see family and it was great to see the sun!
Highlights of the weekend for me were enjoying Roger's party, watching the kids at the ranch, the shower at Brian and Jill's (seriously amazing), and a date with my husband!
Highlights of the weekend for the kids were horse rides, tractor rides, playing with cousins, Wii, and the candy cupboard at Brian and Jill's!
Delia was mad at her Dad this morning when she found out that he took the car back - "but dad, I need it go back and play with Sophie!"


Kati said...

Glad you guys made it and had a great time! Sorry to have held you up :). We've done lots of driving for a quick trip before - sometimes it's so worth it!

Honey said...

Wow! That ranch really seems to suit you guys! I love your pictures - looks like a great weekend.

Let the party begin... said...

what a fun time for you and your family...the kids have grown so much.

Christi said...

I love your blog...I need to be better about checking in- you always have the neatest ideas!! You're such a great mom!

Jill said...

Loved this post. SOOOOOO Glad you guys came down. Looking forward to seeing you in just 2 1/2 short months! Keep jogging!

Andrea said...

I didn't realize the drive was so long! I am glad you had fun!