Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bubblegum Grandma & Grandpa

We're getting ready for Bubblegum Grandma & Grandpa's visit today! They are helping us by watching the kids this weekend while we go to a homeschool conference. We love it when family comes to town!

We've been trying to keep the house clean, which has been complicated by spending a little more time in the kitchen preparing yummy foods!
The kids were helping make bread (notice the confiscated light saber in the background - probably not the best place to put it in hindsight)
I tried Taylor's recipe for the first time yesterday. I think it's really tasty. I did add the gluten, but left out the dough enhancer. You can find the recipe here.
My dad and step-mom got us a yogurt maker for Christmas, which isn't essential in making yogurt at home, but it sure does make it easy!

Jason just called and said his parents were coming in two hours earlier than I thought, which means they're landing any minute - so I better stop blogging and go get out of my pajamas!
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Sara LaClaire said...

i finally got out of my pajamas and put make-up on at 4:45p today. woohoo! ;D

Sarah R. said...

I love that Delia is all dressed up for baking bread!

danielle said...

Your bread is so pretty! And I also love that Delia is all dressed up.

Honey said...

With the amount of yogurt my kids eat, I've wondered about buying a yogurt maker. I tried making it once (without the maker) and it didn't turn out - at all! Would you suggest the one you have? or any others?

Have a great weekend!

Christina said...


The yogurt maker was from Williams Sonoma and I love the little glass jars that it come with. We had a yogurt maker in Nova Scotia at the B&B and the containers were plastic, and I just like the glass ones so much better.