Monday, February 16, 2009

You have to try these

Jason made these for our Valentine's dinner at home. Seriously, they were the best thing I've eaten in a long time.

Also, a request for help. I've been asked to teach a class on keeping the romance alive in your marriage - Jason's first thought "why did they ask you? we don't even go on dates." So, I'm thinking that I was asked because it's something that I need to be better at and hopefully I can learn something! But I thought I would solicit ideas from you. How do you keep the romance alive? What are some of your most memorable/most fun dates? Anything else you think might help me?


Sweetest Of All said...

Brett and I made a book once with a hundred dating ideas together. that way we had no excuses. Of course it hasn't worked at all but the book is full of dating/romance ideas.

Sarah R. said...

I think if I left you our romance ideas you would just be intimidated by the sheer greatness of all the romance at our house. It often starts with a simple question, like, "How do you make plastic?" Then there's no stoppin the love!

Ricki said...

Nothing too exciting, but here are a few ideas:

-Look good when your man comes home (cute clothes, a little makeup and perfume).

-Leave and greet with a kiss.

-Plan special meals and moments when you can. Put the kid(s) to bed and have a little dessert to share.

-Love notes hidden in their work bag or lunch.

-A flirtatious phone call/email during the work day.

celestejohnson said...

I stumbled across your blog. Love it!
I know you are probably done with the class you were going to teach, but I thought I would tell you of one of my favorite date nights with my hubby.
We went to the mall with $5 for each of us (well, it was a little over $5, we calculated how much sales tax was on $5 and had that) and separated for thirty minutes while we ran around the mall trying to find something for the other person only using the $5.