Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dinner at the Beach

You know life is great when you get to eat dinner at the beach twice in one week.

We had a barbeque at Picnic Point Beach with a family that we knew at BYU, who have just recently moved to the area.
(Do you love my $0.99 tablecloth from Goodwill? It makes me happy!)
Joshua's pretty excited to be at the beach!

This one of Eliza was taken a couple of days later when we went to Lighthouse beach for the farmer's market and some grilled pizza. The idea was to buy some food stuffs to put on the pizza, but there wasn't a great selection at the market - so we had cheese and tomato. I still thought it was tasty!
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Let the party begin... said...

During the summer months, the beach is our second home, so I can totally relate. Sometimes we even have pizzas delivered there, lol!

Sweetest Of All said...

Love cheese and tomato Pizza!!!

danielle said...

mmm...cheese and tomato is my favorite. That beach looks like fun...I love summer in the northwest!

Honey said...

A perfect summer evening - what fun!