Monday, June 1, 2009


We had the care of a few extra children over the weekend (we were repaying a babysitting debt we acquired to attend a homeschool conference a few weeks ago). So, with six kids in tow (the oldest one being 7) we decided fishing sounded like fun! The Snohomish County Parks & Rec put on a fishing day where you borrowed all the equipment you needed, set-up a place at a stocked pond and just waited for the fish to come. When we got there the guy leaving the spot we picked had caught five fish (the limit for the day). I was telling him that I had never caught a fish before and he told me I was sure to catch one today, and I quote "the fish are so thick you could walk across the water on them". We tried and tried for two hours and no fish were biting our lines. We are packing up to go and the family that sets up next to us catches two fish within five minutes. I'm not sure what we were doing wrong - I think we need some more practice!
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