Friday, August 28, 2009

Duck Pics

My sister requested some new duck pictures. These little guys have grown so much over the past week. They are fun to watch. They always want to be together - if I pick up one to move it close to where there are some good bugs to eat, the other one starts chirping and they find each other within seconds.
They are pretty dirty - lots of poop! I change their water and within minutes it's nasty again. Jason commented the other day (within earshot of Joshua and in a moment of frustration) about how dirty and stupid the ducks are. Joshua had a fit - he's pretty attached to them already - he doesn't want anyone talking bad about his ducks!
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Honey said...

They look so cute. My mom had a pet duck growing up. Are they friendly? (And, who takes care of the poop?)

Christina said...

They are really friendly so far. Sol-leks likes people more than Sophie - she just runs away. I'd have to say I've been cleaning the majority of the poop - but it's not that bad!