Monday, August 17, 2009

I Heart Whidbey

I heart Whidbey and the Island County Fair! The fair was pretty small but there was still lots to do and the lines were short. It was so fun we want to participate next year - Joshua thinks he might want to raise a chicken for 4-H and I definitely want to enter some kind of baked good so I can get one of those big ribbons they hand out!
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Honey said...

Very cool. You'll SO get a ribbon!

What's 4-H?

Sarah R. said...

Why can't Whidbey be closer to Texas?!

Sweetest Of All said...

OK, I spent my whole WEEKEND trying scam myself tickets to Seattle for less than two and a half grand. DARN. I failed. But Brett says hello and he wants to come visit when the tickets aren't outrageous.

Kati said...

So fun. We're sad last weekend didn't work out, but we'll definitely have to plan a visit soon!

Mrs. Cropper said...

Oh man, everything looks so charming. We have GOT to get up there for a visit!! I am so excited for you. Hope the settling goes quickly. I have a love/hate relationship wiht moving!! (I suppose everyone does!)

Christina said...

Honey -
4-H is a kind of club - like boy scouts or girl guides with a slant towards agriculture. The kids at the fair showing their animals all belonged to 4-H.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll end up in Anacortes - that would be so fun!

Nisa, Kati, Anne -
Please come visit! This place is amazing!