Thursday, September 10, 2009

Berry Pickin' Time

We've had a daily stroll to the blackberry bushes this week so we could gather enough berries for jam. I spent quite a bit of time picking the berries and didn't end up with much jam - but it was a fun family activity! Hopefully next year I'll find a spot with bigger berries.
I think most of Eliza's clothes are stained with blackberries - I can't pick them fast enough for her, but somehow they don't all end up in her mouth!
If you are a Great Big Sea fan singing this song is a must while picking berries!


Anonymous said...

Hey Christina

The berries look yummy and the kids look pretty happy with that activity. I wanted to let you know that Great Big Sea is playing at the Lower Deck on September 20th (too bad it's a Sunday). But it is their first time back there in 20 years. That is where they really got their start- they use to play there all the time. Nice to see that they are not aboe returning to their roots! Look forward to seeing you all soon.


Honey said...

Fun outing + cute kids + sweet berries (and jam!) = wish we were there!

Andrea said...

So fun! We love berries too!

Nathan and Raya said...

We have tons of berries at our house! Next year come to our house. Nathan is even grooming a patch for us for next year.