Friday, November 27, 2009

Big Art for Kids

I love to have my kids' artwork on the walls of my home. We paint and create a lot and it seems like most stuff gets put in a pile. I would like to be better about displaying. What do you do with all your kids artwork?

I wish I had taken a before picture, but I picked up a framed print from Good Cheer (our local thrift store) last month. I took the print out sanded it down and then I painted with white acrylic paint to make a blank canvas for the kids. We had some leaf rubbings that we mod-podged on and then they had lots of fun painting. This is a picture of the finished piece that's on display in our home.
Total project cost: $3 for the framed print. I love upcycling!
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Ricki said...

That turned out really nice! Levi doesn't care for coloring or painting much yet. But my mom used to hang our artwork up with clothespins on a rope that stretched around the kitchen up high, close the ceiling.

Christina said...

Ricki -

We just checked out a book from the library called Young at Art by Susan Striker. She had so many good ideas for art with young children - I think you would like it!

Love the clothespin idea. Thanks.

Bloom said...

Darling! Clever idea to reuse the canvas. I'd never thought of that before. Especially brilliant because canvases aren't cheap!