Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mudpies to Magnets

We've been having lots of fun with a book that we got from my brother and his family - More Mudpies to Magnets: Science for Young Children. They don't have this one at our library, but they do have the original Mudpies to Magnets if you want to check it out.
This one above is called floating rainbows - it's just water and oil and then you add food coloring which eventually sinks through the oil. The kids loved watching it again and again. We had to do it again at the dinner table to show Jason when he got home.

And here we blew up a balloon without our breath. You fill the bottle with vinegar and the balloon with some baking soda.

I like this book because the ideas are simple and most of the things the experiments call for we already have on hand.
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Ricki said...

I'm so glad you posted about this! I really wanted to get something like this, but haven't heard a recommendation. Thanks!

Honey said...

You're such a fun Mom. Neat experiments.