Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kids Coloring Silk

I made mini-stockings for Advent this year. I got the pattern from Martha Stewart. You can find it here. Each day I have been putting in an activity to do with the kids. I just do it the night before, so I'm sure I can handle it! There was one day that I knew we had so much going on that I just put in a couple of lollipops and called it good. A lot of the things are art-based activities. And we are trying to do some things that are focused on giving - like making treats and taking some to a neighbor and going through toys and clothes and donating them to the local thrift store. Many of the things are ones that I want to do anyways (like go cut down a tree) but this has made it more exciting for the kids and helps them to be more involved. I think I'm going to enjoy this new tradition!

Yesterday we painted silks. I ordered silks and three bottles of seta-silk in the primary colors (I wish that I had also bought white) through Dharma Trading Company. The kids each painted one play silk and one scarf.
This is Joshua's. I thought we might give them as gifts, but the kids are pretty attached to them. I should have ordered more silk.
I thought it was a great lesson in color-blending as well!
This is Delia's. She was very specific about how she wanted this one.

Joshua wanted his bigger one a solid color. We ended up dyeing this with Rit dye. It was a solid yellow until he put it on top of his drying scarf (to keep it away from the cat) now there are some green spots too. He says he likes it that way and I need more lessons in letting go of how I think a finished product should look!

I wish I was taking more pictures of our Advent activities. Joshua took all the ones above.
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Let the party begin... said...

What a cute activity!

Honey said...

What a fun activity and cool advent calendar! Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas.