Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little update

Joshua is wanting to read all day long. He always gets upset if we have to go anywhere - he doesn't like his reading time interrupted!
Delia is still loving her bathing suit. We went outside the other day and all she wanted to put on was her bathing suit and a Winter coat!

My baby and the chickens are getting big!
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Rose said...

Hahaha, I love that Delia wore her swimsuit outside under her winter coat! :)

And WOW, the baby IS getting big! And so are those chickens!

I hope all is going well with you!

Honey said...

Are those curls on Eliza? She looks so comfortable with those chickens - a little farm girl. So cute!

Ricki said...

Oh Joshua, so young and so hooked... just as you should be. :)

Just Rhonda said...

You guys have chickens????? Cool! Do you kill them and eat em too???

And that is funny that Delia wore her swimming suit and winter coat! :)

Christina said...

Eliza does have curls - I think they will be gone once her hair gets a little longer and thicker - but pretty cute right now!

We haven't killed any of our chickens yet. They are for eggs and should start laying in a couple of more months. we plan to stew the meat once they stop laying - usually around 2-3 years.

Natalie said...

I thought about you today! We went to Lighthouse park by the Whitby Island Ferry. I really wanted to take the ferry and come see where you lived, but I couldn't talk the hubby into it :) How is the 1/2 marathon training going? What are you doing to train? I am running mine in Spokane with my sister who lives there. You will have to tell me how yours goes! I wished you lived closer so I could get your help on eating healthier. I want to try not eating sugar, but don't know where to start. Wish you were still in bookclub with us!!! We miss you and I hope you are doing great!