Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Come for a Visit

Grandma & Grandpa came the night before the Pincocks left. We had so much fun with our two weeks of guests!
Here's a picture of my Dad after tilling our garden. We tried to stop him! The man can not sit still. He spent lots of time driving back and forth to the farm store and spent enough money down there to get us twelve free chicks (pictures coming soon).

We had a great time going out to eat and doing some shopping during the week. We got to celebrate Joshua's birthday one night. And we got to eat dinner with great friends on a couple of different nights. Jason and I even went out on a date! And when we got home Eliza was actually asleep! We're so glad Grandma & Grandpa love to come and visit!

Delia & Grandma were pretty much inseparable the whole week!

We enjoyed a little shopping at University Village one night, then dinner, and then Joshua picked out cupcakes for everyone at Trophy's. They were all delicious! And I hardly took any pictures the week they were here, so here are some more cupcake pics:
Joshua went with vanilla for himself.

I tried triple chocolate.Yum!
Ellen enjoyed her Neapolitan.
And Joshua chose Vanilla with chocolate butter cream for Grandpa. It was fun to go with Joshua to pick out the cupcakes - he was really thinking about what everyone else would like and he knew right away that he wanted to pick the biggest one for Grandma!


Let the party begin... said...

It's always lovely to have visits from the people you love! The cupcakes are gorgeous and everyone looks so happy. Can't wait to see the chicks. We got some ourselves and they're boarding at the Smiths. It's really a nice feeling to have eggs from your own chickens.

Honey said...

Great pictures!