Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The New Teepee

A lady from church had a teepee that she had picked up from a friend that she wasn't using and thought that we would like it. Score for us!
I love the teepee, but I have been told by the kids that I am not part of "the club" so I'm not really allowed to go in.

That's okay with me - as long as the kids are loving it!
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Sarah said...

Oh I love this! So, is Jason part of the club, or is it just the kids?! I can't show these pictures to Samuel; he'll be too jealous!

Christina said...

Jason's not part of the club either :)

Rose said...

Very cool! I keep thinking about making one, and not doing it. When it falls into your possession like that, it's awesome.

Just Rhonda said...


Let the party begin... said...

Soooooo jealous, lol! What a great club and I love how you're all in t-shirts at this time of the year.