Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pear Blossom 2010

Remember my Pear Blossom adventure last year? This year I ran the whole ten miles! Quite the improvement since this time last year I couldn't run a mile. There aren't any pictures - Jason got a little lost on the way to the finish line navigating his way with the kids! We had such a great time staying with Mrs. Cropper and her family - fresh flowers on our bedside table, pancakes in the morning, and smoothies in the afternoon! Thanks so much Anne and Taylor - we hope you come up here soon so we can repay the favor!

Here are some pictures of the kids at the Halls' Ranch:
Eliza climbed through the gate to go visit the cows. There is no slowing this girl down and her love of animals is a little out of control!
Andrew and Joshua throwing rocks.
Jason getting a little lesson in beekeeping. Brian gave us some honey too - yum!

Grandpa Roger taking Delia and Sophie to see the cows.

Hopefully we can make this a little family tradition - we love going down there to visit!
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Linz said...

Hey! Congrats on running the 10 miles! That is awesome!

Rose said...

Way to go! That is amazing! I'd REALLY be lucky to run mile... or even 1/4 mile without losing my breath! You rock!

Honey said...

So awesome Christina! Way to go! Half Marathon in the near future? You go!

Cute farm girls :) Looks like a wonderful weekend.

Mom said...

Congratulations !Wish I could be there.Love you .Mom

Angela and Aaron said...

10 miles! Way to go! I'm so behind. I think if we ran another 5k that I wouldn't even be able to walk the three miles! I am very impressed!