Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why I Adore my Husband and a Farm Update

How cool is my husband - that he commutes three hours a day on his bike, milks a cow in the evening and still finds time to build and race a solar car with Joshua.
They came in second place in all of their races and consistently made it down the track. I thought it was pretty cool that they used Bionicle arms to make the panel moveable and they were able to angle the panel towards the limited sunshine.

And he even ignored some of his chores to come berry picking with us yesterday. I'm so glad he did - we had a great time. I can't believe we've been married for ten years this week!

Farm Update:
  • We lost our bees this year and will look for a swarm or try again next year. It seems that they didn't really like what we fed them (fondant) and they didn't survive our cold-spell at the beginning of Spring.
  • And on the cow front, we are getting about a half gallon of milk a day from Effie - we have been drinking it and have made ricotta cheese and yogurt, so far. I'm going to try and find some rennet and try mozzarella next!
  • And we lost some more chickens to eagles - it seems like we've lost more than our fair share this year. We'll have to be more careful with our new chicks - maybe not free-range them?
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Let the party begin... said...

WOW! I love how you're living off the land. I just saw a cheese-making episode on PBS and it's made me curious about making some. I have a friend who has cows and I think you can buy rennet from certain stores. Can't wait to see your update on it. I'm not surprise to see Jason so into his family. He always struck me as the sort of guy who lives for his wife and kids.

Katherine said...

Wow! Joshua and Jason, Way to go!!! What a wonderful summer you're all having. Love you and miss you all very much. Thanks again for coming out to Denver! Love you! And Delia, Eliza, and Christina, you're all looking so beautiful. ;)

Honey said...

Aw, what a super guy! Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

Rebecca said...

Loved the update!

Rose said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great one!

For the chickens, you could probably let them still be free range. Perhaps you could make a large netted area (kind of like they do at zoos to keep the birds from flying away). They wouldn't be able to roam out of that area, but you could make it large enough that they'd still have plenty of room without being endangered by the eagles! Just a though!

Carla said...

Umm wow! That solar car is amazing! Way to go! Good luck with everything else on the farm. Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. Cropper said...

i have rennet! want me to send you some?!

i CANNOT believe it--10 years!