Monday, July 26, 2010


My brother and his family were heading to Hawaii and had a layover in Vancouver. We were able to go spend the day with them. First we headed to Stanley Park and had no luck in finding a parking spot. The kids and moms played at the park and the guys drove around for about 40 minutes looking for a spot and then we decided to find a less-crowded park. I guess there was a firework show planned for the evening which always makes parking scarce.
So, we basically played at this park that was close to our hotel for a day and a half with brief breaks for swimming at the pool, yummy pizza and great Chinese food. All the kids wanted to do was play together and everyone got along great!
This is the only picture of all the kids together. I guess my kids didn't want to look at the camera - but it's proof they were all together!
The boys playing with chopsticks at the Chinese Restaurant. The server was concerned for their safety and confiscated them!

My girls adore Mackenzie. Delia cried the whole way home - "why can't Mackenzie be my sister so we can have sleepovers every night?" And Eliza was basically Mackenzie's shadow the whole time we were together.

Jason commented on the way home that we fit so much into the day it felt like we had been gone for a week! It was so fun to be with family and see the cousins together. Sad it's over.
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Sarah said...

I'm sad we couldn't live closer! I'm also jealous of the good Chinese food! Glad you had a frun trip.

Mom said...

Wow! Great pictures ! I know it took some effort but totally looks worth it . Can't wait to see everyone .Love you .

Honey said...

Looks like a great day. Cousin-time always ends too soon. That last picture is adorable.