Monday, August 25, 2008

Car-free Grocery Shopping

We had a Saturday night shopping trip with the whole family. Jason rode his xtracycle, Joshua rode his little BMX bike, and I pulled Delia in the trailer. I don't know how many trailer-pulling trips I have left in me before the baby comes, but we had a great time!
Jason fit most everything in the Xtracyle and I took a couple of bags in the trailer.

We set all the food on the table so you could see how much we were able to bring home. It reminded me of the book Hungry Planet - where the authors traveled around the world taking a picture of different families in many different countries with the food they eat for a week. I found the book fascinating and depressing.

A family from Chad.

A family from North Carolina.
You can see more families here.
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Honey said...

So, is it possible to ride with a newborn? I thought they couldn't go into a trailer until 6 mos - assuming they have good head that right?

Christina said...

My understanding is they say one year old for bike trailers.

Nisa said...

Ugh. now I'm depressed too.

Is it really one year old for bike trailers. I've been dying to get out riding with Cameron to take Nathan to school and lose about a hundred pounds. One year. Darn!

So glad you are still riding your bike though. I rode with Sydney for ever, every day, I think to the end of the pregnancy, but I definitely peddled funny with my legs outward. I biked the last weeks of Cameron's pregnancy too but it was very hard to peddle without banging my stomach. Your skinnier than me though, so go for it girl!

Rebecca said...

You are amazing Christina. I am so impressed with how you guys are living car-free. Way to go! And I totally agree about that book...I haven't read it but I have seen the pictures...very fascinating AND depressing!