Friday, August 22, 2008

Science Experiments

We picked up this book at Goodwill last week and Joshua's been loving it. We love shopping at Goodwill for books. I found out after we moved in that the library is pretty hard for us to get to, so I have stocked up with quite a few books from Goodwill ($0.79 for all children's books). We have been able to find a lot of children's classics there like the Chronicles of Narnia series and all the Little House on the Prairie series. And it's fun to see what they have - every time it's something different!
Here's a picture of Joshua and Jason learning how a seismograph works.

And Joshua loved burning the string in two with a little help from the sun!
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Sara LaClaire said...

i don't know if i can read your blog anymore. everytime i come here i think i'm such a lame mom & "how come we're not doing stuff like this all the time?" but whatever, you're a pretty amazing woman so i can't feel too bad about it. ;) miss you!

liz said...

Man do boys love to burn things with a magnifying glass. On a sunny day, that activity can take up hours. Don't forget to supervise, though, because my big boys have burned holes in the door mat. Also, one of them tried it on his own skin one day! Ouch!