Friday, August 8, 2008

My Favorite Cookbooks (for Nisa)

Joy of Cooking

Feeding the Whole Family

Anything by Nigella Lawson (Feast being my favorite)

The Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook

I also love the Moosewood Cookbooks, I don't own any but have checked them out at the library with Moosewood Restaurant New Classics being favorite that I've seen. And The Best of Bridge is a great series of cookbooks, too - they're a Canadian series and my mom loves them so we ate a lot of their recipes growing up and have quite a few favorites from their cookbooks (I modified a recipe from Grand Slam last night for dinner).

I also get a lot of recipes from the internet. I love, the pioneer woman cooks, and Taylor's, Feeding Your Family (which seems to be lacking the posts since he started his full-time job - but has a lovely archive of recipes!)

What are your favorite cookbooks?


Nisa said...

Lately I've been going online and watching mini-tutorials at rachel ray's website. She usually has something slightly unique, incorporating vegetables I want to learn to cook the recipe prep is almost always fast.

Thank you so much for the list!

Sarah R. said...

I love anything by Amerca's Test kitchen and I also enjoy Better Homes and Gardens. My favorite magazines for recipes are Saveur and Southern Living.