Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have been wanting to keep a cleaner house for a while now and last week I decided that a chore chart might help me. I had read about the Pioneer Woman and choreganizers. I thought about buying it, but then thought maybe I could just make something myself (nothing too fancy, as you can obviously see from my picture!). So far it's been great. Every one has two envelopes on the fridge - one "to do" and one "done". After breakfast and before devotional we all pick out 4 chores to do and then we go and do them together. It has been great motivation for me to at least get a few things done each morning to keep the house tidier! And the kids are excited about it - we'll see how long the excitement lasts!

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liz said...

Good for you, Christina. One thing I have learned is that, at least for us, no system lasts forever, and we shouldn't consider it a failure, if we need to "revise" the plan once in awhile. And, I'm really still trying to get good at this after 11 years at home, so I hope you'll find what works for you more quickly than I have!