Monday, September 22, 2008

Making Donuts

It seems like if I ask the kids if they want to make a treat on a Sunday afternoon, it always ends up being donuts - we probably make them once every few months. Yesterday we tried a new recipe and they turned out great - I thought I would share it, since donuts might have more universal appeal than Nut Burgers.
These are a few that I made with a donut cutter that I inherited from my grandmother.
Delia enjoying a donut of her own design.

Jason entering a state of bliss after eating his tenth donut.
Yes, you can find nirvana by eating these donuts.
Jason says "if it doesn't work after the first few, keep trying!"
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liz said...

Those look fantastic! Is there a big learning curve for making good donuts? The pictures almost make me want to abandon my no-deep-frying at home rule.

Rebecca said...

You continue to make me feel inspired and intimidated with your cooking. These look delicious, and since I know your cooking, I can safely say that they are delicious. Maybe I'll try them. ("I think I can, I think I can...")

PS GREAT talking to you last week. Miss you!!

Sarah R. said...

You'll have to make these for me when I make my way up to your neck of the woods. You know Doug and his no deep frying rule!

Let the party begin... said...

Is it possible to make them and skip the deep-frying, lol?

Nisa said...

Tell Jason he better watch his girlish figure. Too many donuts might go straight to his hips!

Honey said...

Yum! I'm with Jason. Just keep trying. :)

Sara LaClaire said...

i'm so glad i'm not a good enough cook to make these. i would easily put on double my pregnancy weight if i did. :D