Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love this kid!

Yesterday I was not such a fun mom. I think that my level of "funness" is dependent on the amount of sleep I get, Monday night was not so much! Hopefully today will be better.

The kids had Trunk or Treat at the church this past Saturday and they each have a bag of candy, which gets dumped multiple times a day on the floor.

So, this was yesterday:

Me to the kids: "Pick up that candy and put it away, or I'm going to eat it all today!"

Joshua: "Mom, I don't think you could eat all of that candy."

Me: "I bet I could."

Joshua: "But your belly's not big anymore and you can run now."

I just had to laugh - and that was exactly what I needed!
(along with some ibuprofen for my sleep deprivation!)
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Rebecca said...

Oh Christina, I'm thinking of you! So funny what Joshua said. I hope you can get a better night sleep tonight. I know how hard it is for me to be cheerful and fun when I'm tired, and that having a newborn pretty much equals continuous exhaustion! So impressed with everything you are still managing to do. Hope you are feeling well!

Honey said...

Send Joshua my way. The kids look at my tummy and say "do you have another baby inside?" Ouch. :)

Sara LaClaire said...

nice. i wish miles was a little kinder. he likes to measure me and tell me how much i weigh. it's not as fun as you'd think. :D but he's 3 and still thinks it's tons of fun to be measured.