Friday, October 24, 2008

Wrapping paper on the cheap

The kids colored on some butcher paper for craft time.

And we turned it into wrapping paper for their cousins.

I also like to use old road maps and paper bags from the grocery store.

Any other ideas for repurposed wrapping paper?
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Honey said...

Last night, we used the back of Christmas wrapping paper for Clay's gifts and the girls colored all over them. Much like your kids did as our paper was brown too. I think it's cute - especially for family!

Nisa said...

Nope, but I should have thought of those wonderful ideas.
I can't stand spending money on wrapping paper so I do what my dad did and I buy a huge Christmas roll at Costco for $5 bucks and everyone gets Christmas cheer all year long. We get really really really tired of the roll!

But Big Guy must have been in sync with your guy cause we made him a time line book for his class and he wouldn't budge on the cover being his own personal artwork. YEAH!
I can't wait to see your three little ones. I bet they have grown so much!

Let the party begin... said...

Well, since the job of wrapping gifts have fallen on my husband almost from the first, I don't worry too much about wrapping paper. However, he likes to wrap everything, right down to the stocking stuffers and he waits until the last minute to do it.

Kati said...

Do you just have a roll of butcher paper?