Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cloth is Cool

Eliza's cute, big bum!

When Joshua was a baby, I knew cloth diapers were around but I didn't see a reason to use them. When he was about 4 months old I read some facts about disposables and how much waste is generated by them and I was shocked. I thought that I should at least give disposables a try and I figured I could buy the diapers I needed and give it a trial run, if it didn't work out I would go back to disposables in a few months and not have lost any money.

As you can see in this picture Jason was always a little skeptical of the disposables!

We've added two more kids to the mix and are still using some of the original cloth diapers we bought. There are endless options out there for cloth. We have gone the cheap route with prefolds and covers. (We even found some covers for $1 a piece at the 2nd hand baby store.) There is a little bit of a learning curve, but it is easy when you get the hang of it. I did have a little more work to do with washing diapers, but we love never running out of diapers and having to make a midnight run to the grocery store. Joshua and Delia both started asking to use the potty at around 18 months, and to me the extra effort was all worth it when my 2 year old is going poop in the potty!

Should you use cloth diapers?

No Impact Man's thoughts on cloth diapering.

What are your thoughts about cloth diapers?


julie said...

I am so adapted to cloth diapers now, with my two girlies, that babies wearing disposable diapers don't look natural to me--I think, "Oh, look at that poor little skinny bottom!"

I think that pre-folds, especially, are such a cinch to sew, and there are a lot of tutorials online. Wool pull-on covers, too, are also pretty easy.

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

I love the big cloth diaper bums too! I think the biggest difficulty with cloth is just the mental hurdle. Once you actually try them, you realize it's not that hard! By the way, can you use those covers you sent me when Annie was born? I'd be happy to send them back to you!
PS I always LOVE your posts Christina! Thanks for making me feel a little more normal! :)

Honey said...

We can't say I didn't try right? :) I found it stressed me out making sure I had enough clean. I probably just needed to buy more (I only had 10!). And sadly, I probably have my OWN landfull somewhere out there. How awful. I say, if it works for you, good on ya!

Ricki said...

Thanks for the information and real-life testimonial! I've been debating about cloth diapers for awhile and have never tried them. I'm going to follow your links and do my own research and hopefully convince myself and my man. :)

The Nelson Family said...

You are a better lady then I. I haven't tried them and as much as I would like to say I would love to, at this point I'm stuck in my pampers ways and have a hard enough time trying to do everything else that I like the convience of my disposables. In 4 kids I have yet to run out and have to make a trip in the middle of the night, and really hope I never do. They do have some super cute cloth diapers out there now though....better then when we used them as kids!!!

Mrs. Cropper said...

Well you know where I'm at. In principle I love it, but in practice I just don't think I am up to cleaning up all that poo. And I will probably be punished for my landfill-filling sins. ;) I have to say though, that the idea of having Blaine potty-trained by now is making me feel more convinced...Maybe one day I'll woman up and DO IT!

Kati said...

For now I think I'm definitely too easily stressed out to tackle another hurdle like that. You're a great example in so many ways. I'll keep taking baby steps :)