Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Shopping with Etsy

I did most of my Christmas shopping with Etsy this year.

I was trying to make all of our Christmas gifts this year, but I ran out of steam with the new baby!

I don't want to show you what I bought (in case it's for you!), but I wanted to share some of the shops I bought from because I think they have some great things if you're not done shopping yet.

Red Leaf Bath and Body Products

Vermont Fairies and The Black Apple - these are for Delia's birthday!

Delias Thompson

Paloma's Nest


The Wool Fairy

TV Tray Art


What are your favorite Etsy shops?


punkiepie said...

Hi! I read your comment on Anne with an "e" and I love your favorite Etsy stores, thanks for posting them!

I don't know if you've heard about this or not, but there's a new federal law that goes into effect in 2 months that will prohibit the sale of handmade clothes and toys for children. Yep, that means no more cool children Etsy shops, it will be illegal!

You can read more about it Here or Here

Just thought you might be interested, hope you have a wonderful day!

Sara LaClaire said...

super cute stuff! i never look at etsy but probably should more often. :D thanks!

Margaret said...

I surf Etsy all the time but have yet to make a purchase. I think I hesitate because of numerous reasons. I'm guessing you do this (shop there) regularly. Have you had good experiences with it all?

Honey said...

I think the whole Etsy idea is fabulous! I've never purchased anything, but I am amazed by all the talent out there. Wouldn't it be fun to have your own little etsy shop?! A lot of work, but how neat to create things people love!