Thursday, December 18, 2008

Delia's 3!

Happy Birthday to Delia. I can't believe she's 3!
She's loved all the phone calls she's gotten so far!

And as soon as she saw her new dress-up from Grandma, she had to put it on.
She has been asking for a mermaid cake for at least the past six months. This is what I came up with - I was going for the modest mermaid look! It was pretty easy, since I did pretty much the exact same thing last year. You can find the frosting recipes here and some more hints here.

The chocolate frosting works really well for writing with, so I wrote the kids' names on the inside of their bowl - I thought it turned out cute. Jason wrote one for me ("Mom is the wonderfullest") and he was thrilled to pose for me, too!
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Mrs. Cropper said...

CUTENESS. Happy Birthday Delia darling!

and...tofurkey? are you doing the meatless thing now?

Honey said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl! Hope you've had a great day.

I'm ALL about the modest mermaid cake - it looks fab, Christina! (And your bowl too, Jason - should earn you a couple points :)

Angela and Aaron said...

Happy Birthday Delia! The cake looks great!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the first picture-how you decorated with pictures of Delia and that adorable happy birthday sign. You do the coolest things for your kids! Bet the cake tasted amazing, in addition to how cute it looks. Happy Birthday Delia!!!

Kati said...

The banner turned out so cute! And I'm very impressed with the cake :)