Thursday, January 22, 2009

making music

We spent the first couple of days of the week outside, the weather has been beautiful. On Monday we walked to get Delia a hair cut and to the donut shop. We figured since we were half way to Jason's work we'd surprise him with a donut. When we got there he was just on his way out the door (so glad we didn't miss each other) and we got to walk home together.

On Tuesday we walked to Silver Lake Park and played with friends from Mom School. Joshua rode his bike both days and I think it was about ten miles altogether - so glad that he can ride his bike and that he enjoys it. I did get my stroller and it makes it pretty easy for us to get out and do stuff.
We made some drums from food storage cans
(the tops are canvas that I painted with watered down glue)

We also made the toilet paper roll kazoos - very fun, but they didn't last long!

Eliza is just along for the ride!

And check out my sister's news here. Yay!
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Honey said...

Joshua didn't want to wear his tux? :) Your kids are so cute. It sure would be fun to come see you guys - we miss you. July is SO far away.

Michelle said...

So cute! I'm telling you your baby is going to cause a lot of pregnancies. She's so cute. I have finally got you on my blog so I can just click and there you are. Just so you know, i'm no longer a private blog. I decided to hold off on that for awhile longer.

Jill said...

You have such great creative ideas. I think I will do kazoos tomorrow with Ethan and the girls. Thanks for the idea. We will do the drums when we have the cans!