Friday, March 13, 2009

Car-free Friday: Grocery Shopping

One of my most frequent questions is to how we get groceries, so I thought I would share what we do. I have posted about grocery shopping before. See here and here, if you like. It took me a while to get it figured out, but it's really pretty simple now. And for the most part, I would want to do things the same way with a car because I don't want to spend my days running errands!

We get a box of produce from the Klesick Family Farm every week. We absolutely love it. We enjoy pulling the things out of the box and sometimes we have to figure out what they are and we are enjoying trying new things (like sunchokes last week).

I get my milk and eggs delivered by Spud, an online organic grocer. They have a minimum order to get free delivery (around $45, I think), so I save up my purchase and get about six weeks worth of milk and eggs at once. I freeze a month's worth of milk (I dump out a little into a pitcher before I put it in the freezer to avoid unnecessary explosions).

The other week I figured out a walkable route to Costco. I like to buy nuts, peanut butter, and maple syrup there because of the cost.

Trader Joe's is right by Jason's work, so sometimes we walk over there and say a quick "hi" to Jason. I love Trader Joe's for so many reasons (like inexpensive goat cheese and good chocolate).

And Albertson's is just down the street if I feel like I just have to have something for dinner.

I have had friends pick us up wheat from the cannery or I can order it directly through LDS Distribution.

Of course, there are days when it would be much easier to pack up the kids in a car and load it up at Costco, but for the most part we get along fine. It makes me evaluate every single purchase if I am going to end up carrying it home. The other week I was at Trader Joe's and I picked up 3 pound plus bars (milk, dark, and bittersweet) and I really thought about it. Do I really want (I did recognize that it was not a need) to push home an extra 3 pounds and $10 worth of chocolate, in addition to the other groceries? The answer this time was yes!

I do think I am becoming more aware of my food and I am trying to find simplicity in that aspect of my life as well. Ideally we'll get some land and be able to grow things for ourselves and let the chickens lay our eggs in the backyard! We'll see!


Andrea said...

Christina, I just have to tell you that after we saw you on Friday on our walk, Sam says "Mom, if we didn't have a car, we'd be a lot stronger". I told him that just because we have a car, we don't have to use it--would you like to go without a car tomorrow? We had great plans to go without a car today, until we looked outside, realized it was raining--we used our car. We are total wimps...:)

danielle said...

Your lifestyle is so appealing to me. I mean I am sure there are days when you wish you had a car, but like all things you probably get used to it, and it just seems so much more laid back...because like you said, it forced you to evaluate how you spend your time and money.

I hope you get chickens! I was looking at instructions about how to build a chicken coop online the other day. I think it sounds so fun!