Friday, November 6, 2009

Crepuscular Rays at the Farm

Jason took Eliza with him to do a couple of chores after church on Sunday. As I was passing by the window I saw them walking back to the house with the sun rays filtering through the trees. It was so beautiful I rushed to get my camera, but when Eliza saw me she wanted me, so the photo above was not I had envisioned!

But then Jason took this for me.

We get these crepuscular rays (Jason told me that's what they're called) all the time, it's one of my favorite things of living here - I think heaven is somewhere right above South Whidbey!
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Honey said...

I LOVE those pictures! (and yes, they are crepuscular rays - I learned that in my meteorology class back in the day). Such great shots!

So happy you had such a great time with your Dad and Ellen there. Looks like fun.

Ricki said...

That's really beautiful. And thanks for the new vocabulary word!

AP said...

can we move in with you guys?! :-)

Chelle said...

Gorgeous. Life is so simply beautiful.

Mrs. Cropper said...

Love those rays. LOVE that pic.

Juliet Kristina said...

I love those kind of rays, they really make it look like Heaven is shining down! Beautiful pics, even if your little girl looks a bit upset in the first one ;)