Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Come for a Visit

October was our month of visitors! Grandpa came to visit us for a week while Grandma was at a work conference and then she met him in Seattle for a night before they vacationed in Hawaii and then they both came back to visit us for five days at the end of their trip.
I try to be a hard-worker, but I've got nothing on my Dad! While he was visiting he did all the dishes, cooked us yummy food and took us out to eat too many times, painted our chicken coop, planted us a Winter garden (which we ate from tonight - thanks, again Dad!), fixed our rear windshield wiper, read lots and lots of books to my kids, put up with my thrift store shopping (by that I mean - watching my kids in the toy section while I am trying to fill up my $5 bag at Good Cheer - I couldn't leave with it only half-full), and he insisted on doing all of my animal chores while he was here - I'm sure there's more that I'm not remembering!
Here's a picture of Grandma and Delia - this is one of Delia's favorite things to do with Grandma. Between Delia's love of make-up and shopping she has her father a little worried. Grandma and I got to go shopping for almost an entire Saturday while Grandpa and Jason did lots of fun things with the kids. Grandma and I had a great time and I think that I have most of my Christmas shopping done!

I love this picture of Grandpa and Delia at the Greenbank farm.

Delia took this picture.
I didn't take many pictures while they were visiting, so I guess I didn't take any with Joshua and his grandparents :(

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Grossarths said...

I always love it when the grandparents come! Thanks for the tip for making better cinnimon rolls. I will give them a try!

Kati said...

Love the Halloween costumes, love the crepuscular ray pics, and love the picture of Delia and her Grandpa. I'm also very impressed with that last picture - Delia seriously took it? Very cute.