Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Visit from Grandpa

We're so lucky that Grandpa loves to come and visit us! He came to visit a couple of weeks ago and I don't think we could have fit anymore in to the week than we did! Ellen couldn't come this time because of work commitments, but we're looking forward to them both coming again some time in the Spring.

He had a breakfast date with Delia (her highlight of the week). I definitely should have got a picture of that. She got all dressed up - it was pretty sweet.

There was lunch at Chuck E. Cheese. I don't know how I forgot that the food was so bad. Next time we'll use Sarah's trick of going when they first open and eating lunch somewhere else - where the food is decent!
There was a fishing trip to Deer Lake. They weren't able to catch anything, but I think they still had a great time.
Grandpa got a model kit from the Hobby Shop for he and Joshua to work on together. And it didn't snap together like it said it would. I think it was a little frustrating for them both! But they finished it (with the help of some glue). I think next time we'll stick with model rockets or legos. No more snap-tite models for us!

Jason and I even went on a date to a Natalie McMaster concert. It was amazing!
Thanks for coming to visit Dad! We had a great time.
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Honey said...

I love it when you update here! How fun to have your Dad come - it looks like everyone had a great time. That's a great pic of you and Jason. Glad you two could go on a date :)

Carla said...

How fun!

sarah said...

If only you guys would move to Texas, maybe Dad would come visit twice as often!!

Natalie said...

Christina!!! I just saw your picture on CJane!!!!! I about died when I opened her blog and saw you staring back at me!! What a fun surprise. . . and congrats! That is so exciting!!