Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Pictures

I read on C jane (if you click on that link you can see me and my dad on c jane!) that Justin Hackworth (and that's a link to some of our pictures on Justin Hackworth's site) was coming to Seattle. So I asked Jason if I could have family pictures for my Christmas Present this year. And he said yes! It was the best Christmas gift ever!

It was such a great experience. And I will treasure the pictures and the memories.

These are some of the pictures Jason and I took while we were waiting for Justin to arrive:

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Katherine said...

Your pictures look beautiful!! What a gorgeous family! Love the ones you took and the ones on the link. Miss you all! Love you!

Carla said...

I love ALL the photos! What a GREAT Christmas present! Love you guys! Miss you tons! (p.s. when did those kids get so big?! and Joshua is SO tall now! :) )

acte gratuit said...

I'm so glad I'm not crazy because I stared and stared at that picture on CJane thinking "That sure looks like Christina...but why...?" And I couldn't find any explanation of why the picture was there or who was in it!
That's awesome.
You're totally famous now.

Honey said...

Who needed Justin?! Darling pictures.
(He took some really sweet ones, too. I've loved seeing them.)

Julietta said...

Loved the pictures! And seriously I know the photograher. Bald and bearded now but that is him.