Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Bull

We had a baby bull born on the farm last week. The kids and I were cooking in the kitchen and Jason ran downstairs from the office to ask if we had heard the loud noise coming from the cow pasture (we hadn't). But we were thinking the birth was coming soon because of some of the signs I saw that morning when I went out to feed Effie and T-Bone. We all ran out of the house and there was a baby cow!

She was born right under the large cedar tree and right into a pile of fresh cow manure!
Jason went and brought the baby bull into the barn area that he had cleaned out, hoping that Effie would have given birth there.

Here is he is less than 10 minutes old. We've been calling him Rib Eye.
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Let the party begin... said...

He is gorgeous...congratulations!

Honey said...

I was hoping you'd post! How neat, and he looks so sweet. How did Effie respond when Jason carried him off? So cool!

AP said...

very cool!