Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun in Boise

We met our good friends the Pincocks for 4th of July in Boise. It was a long drive for a few days, but so worth it to see them! The kids got along so well - we wish we lived closer :) Can't wait to get together again next summer!
Delia and Annie striking a pose!

The boys playing a game of Settlers.

The girls playing a game of Snorta

Dinner at the Kodiak Grill - pretty much the longest wait for food ever and they weren't that busy. The kids lasted so well - Becca ended up bringing in some snacks to hold us over once we reached the 60 minute mark!
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Honey said...

How fun that you guys could see each other! Looks like a great time!

AP said...

we had so much fun with you guys!

Let the party begin... said...

Sixty minutes??? You're such nice people, lol!